St. Louis ... just name the city and all kinds of pictures come to mind. 

The soaring Arch, an amazing zoo, beautiful parks, industry and schools and sports teams, stunning architecture, and beautiful villages and towns. St. Louis isn’t just a city it is a region.

And in St. Louis there are people from every imaginable background. Some are born and raised and live on the same street their entire life, others are brand new from places far around the world. Some of the people are soaring and some struggling. When it comes to St. Louis there are good and exciting and celebrated things and there are hard and challenging and discouraging things.

Reaching out and connecting people to Jesus is one of the important things that will make St. Louis even better.

Idonis “Donny” King is just the person to help do that. Donny is all St. Louis. Born and raised in North County in Pagedale.. A graduate of Normandy High School. Two decades working in the Pagedale and Wellston communities. Now, living in St. Ann with his amazing wife Alexis and beautiful children, extended family all around, Donny gets St. Louis. He just graduated from Concordia Seminary and will soon become an associate Pastor at Saint Trinity and a Missionary to the City.

Donny is the perfect fit, because Donny is great with people.

He sees people for who they are, children of God, and he treats them that way.

Because of that, they trust him and are open to conversations about Jesus.

The first step in a missionary’s work.

Donny will be an important part of the mission hub that is developing at Saint Trinity. He is already a “rock star” with the young people who are a part of The Bridge ministry, an intentional effort to connect with and disciple the children of immigrants and refugees who are new to America. Soon he will be gathering a small group of people in North County to explore what it means to follow Jesus. Donny is also one a growing number of pastors and leaders in St. Louis that are joining together to find new ways to reach out to all those people who make up St. Louis and who come from many different places, all of who need a Savior.


You can make a huge difference in helping us reach our goal of $125,000 for the first year of this "Mission to the City" project.  We are already about 25% of the way to accomplishing the goal.  

Will you help make this dream an ongoing reality?


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Donny’s missionary work will be funded primarily through donations and partnerships with those that have a passion for what God is doing in St. Louis and are eager to open doors for the Spirit to work.

You can be a part of Donny’s financial team by donating to the “Missionary to the City” fund.


In the drop down, choose Missionary to the City.

Other ways to Give:

If you would like to donate in some other way  (by check, securities, an IRA Required Distribution, etc.) please reach out to us.

Thank you for your encouragement, your prayers, and your interest. 

To learn more you can email Donny.