Our History

Saint Trinity Lutheran Church

In 1859 a group of German immigrants began a Lutheran Church deep in the heart of South St. Louis in the Carondelet neighborhood. With roots in the working class immigrants who lived and worked near the river, the congregation quickly grew. A elementary school was begun the next year. Facilities were built, expanded and replaced after fire. New communities of people were reached including Spanish immigrants at the turn of the century.

For most of the first century, Saint Trinity was a stable and steady presence in the city, growing to have more that 1000 members by 1960. That year became a pivot point. Interstate 55 was built and divided the neighborhood in the early 1960's. People migration, neighborhood change and disinvestment also effected churches. Saint Trinity began a period of decline until 2010 when less than 100 remaining members were struggling with a decision on closing.

But God did a new thing. New leadership, new partnerships, new vision led to a rebirth. In the past ten years the people of Saint Trinity made a commitment to the neighborhood. Restored tired property. Welcomed new people and discovered multiple ways to serve our neighbors. As of 2023 Saint Trinity has reached a place of fragile stability and seeks to live out its vision and mission among the people of South St. Louis.

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