Fellowship with God

An indepth learning experience

to draw you closer to christ

God desires to live in relationship with his people.  This extended course was written and taught by Pastor Henry Fingerlin at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Centennial, Colorado over many years to introduce people to life with Christ.  Below are the audio recordings of live classes which he taught covering the basics teachings of the Christian Faith.  You many also download or order a copy of his manual, Life with God.

Chapter 1: 

God reveals himself  

If there is a God, can I really even know him?  Is there a way I can become friends with him? How does He show himself?  In this first series of lessons, Pastor Fingerlin lays out the foundation for the rest of the course.  He teaches us how God reveals himself, how we can known him and how we can grow in a relationship with him through His Word in the Bible.


Chapter 2:  

The Nature of God

Chapter two has four lessons and digs into the questions:  "Who is God?"   What is He like?  What does it mean that He is a Trinity?



The Nature of Man

Chapter 3 has eight lessons and answers the questions:  Who are human beings and what is their natural spiritual condition?


Chapter 4:  The Law of God

Since God is perfect and holy it only makes sense that He would be concerned about how His people live.  God desires that we live looking and acting like Him.  His law helps us do that.  God's Law is actually one of his ways of loving us.  It shows us the best way to live.  God's Law also has a different purpose.  It also reveals to us our shortcomings and failures and sins.  That too is an act of love because when it does that, the Law shows us our need for a Savior.  His name is Jesus. 


Chapter 5:  the law of God (Part 2)

This chapter covers the Fourth - Sixth Commandments.  These commandments begin to explore our duties and responsibilities to our neighbors.  


Chapter 6

Chapter 6 covers the last four of the commandments.