A disciple is a follower. When you follow someone you will undoubtedly begin to look and act like them. Becoming a follower or disciple of Jesus changes things. It all starts with the gift of faith in Jesus and becoming baptized into His Death and Resurrection which forgives your sin (Romans 6). After being baptized into God's family, your journey with Jesus is well on it's way. Faith in Jesus is an active endeavor and shouldn't be a private part of your life. When you start following Jesus, your life will begin to look different because of who you are following. You begin to see people and situations differently, you begin to see them through the loving eyes of Jesus. Here at Saint Trinity we are all on the journey of following Jesus too. We are all at different places in that journey, which is a good thing because we are on the journey of faith together. Our hope and prayer is that you would walk along side us in your journey of discipleship no matter where you may be on that long process. We love you here and we hope to be a part of your life.